Where to Place Your Vehicle Decals and Graphics

As a small business that has to contend with many local competitors, you must employ smart marketing strategies to achieve the desired brand impact. This involves using a variety of branding techniques and is where vehicle wraps can be useful. Vehicles used by your business become an outstanding mobile ads tool. Once you’ve covered them in the right vehicle wraps, they will become the perfect advertising medium.

Vinyl graphics are an important form of local marketing. When in motion, a vehicle is more dynamic and engaging, making it more likely to garner attention, be recalled, and generate leads. When it is not in motion, the vehicle wrap is still branding and marketing your company. There is never a time when the wrap is not creating an excellent first impression.

The Right Wrap Placement Matters

Automotive wraps are fully customizable, which means you can choose to cover either the entire vehicle or just a portion of it. Among the various styles of wraps available are the following:

  • Full Wraps– As the name implies they completely cover the car, including the roof. They have a greater effect due to the increased surface space available for the branding and ad message. Additionally, you can print a variety of product or service-related details on these and include your company’s contact information too.
  • Roof Wraps– They are made exclusively for the car’s roof, ensuring that the promotional message is noticeable even from the tops of taller buildings.
  • Partial Wraps– They only protect a section of the car, such as the boot, sides, or hood.
  • Decals and Images– They are much thinner than partial wraps and contain only the graphics. Place on the vehicle’s doors or anywhere else, like big stickers.

Custom-Designed Vehicle Wraps

Engage the services of experts who specialize in creating personalized car wraps. The success of these wraps is determined by their layout. Although the colors, designs, and styling must all be accurate, the wrap must also conform to the geometries of the individual vehicle. That is why customization is key.

Professionals are skilled in designing the ideal car wraps. They will measure the vehicle to decide the right configuration and the arrangement of the design, images, and fonts, planning all aspects with the vehicle’s make and model in mind.

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